Rob Collins – Vocals, Harp

Rob is the gentlemen with „The Voice“. He played with many top acts of the international music scene, for example Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds) and gets the crowd groovin‘.

Michael Grimm – Vocals

Michael is the gentlehead of the band. He is the former bass player of the famous german punkband Extrabreit and also bass player and lead vocalist of the famous groups Halber Liter and Franz K. Sometimes people say he sings like Stings. Well, he sings like Sting.

Paddy Boy – Guitars

Paddy is the gentlecap. He always wears caps. Nobody knows why. Probably he hides some of his groovy licks there. Who knows. He plays with the german bluesband Flat Blues Ltd., the german alternative band Next Horizon and works as studio and liveplayer with several acts like Percival, Pamela Falcon and Mars Saibert.

Steve Breuer – Bass

Stefan is the deep-end of the band. Whenever you hear a groove out of the band, be sure it is Steve’s business. He is famous for his work with The Soulfingers, musical director for lots of formations and studied music & arrangement @ Arnheim & Hamburg.

Shaby Pelzer – Keys

Shaby’s part is to be the gentlepiano, the gentleorgan and the gentlehorns of the band. He is a huge David Garfield fan which you can hear in his playin‘. He played with the german comedian Stefan Raab and is original member of europe’s most famous Blues Brothers Revival Band.

Charly T. – Drums

Charly is the gentlebeat of the band. Some people say he was found in an old treasure chest with the inscription „Keith Moon and John Bonham inside“. You can hear that he is very much influenced by Animal from The Muppets. Together with Raoul he was long time member of the german rock acts Westernhagen and Belfegore. He also played with the german band Wallenstein which had international super hits. Do you still know the beatlegend The Lords? Charly was the drummer for more than ten years.